Inspiration, Co-Creation & Bodystorming: A Service Design Workshop in Tokyo

Last week in Japan, we lead a three-day service design workshop with one of our clients at the 8th Gallery, an exhibition space at the top floor of the Claska hotel in the Meguro area of Tokyo.

Our goal was to create an inspiring and collaborative environment to facilitate the co-creation of new interactive map landscapes related to geospatial data and how they can add meaning and value to digital services in the future. A crucial part of broadening our thinking around these types of services was to step outside of our “box” and physically explore the real-world user-experience by walking in their footsteps. Using a technique called bodystorming (brainstorming with the body), we took to the streets of Tokyo to get a deeper understanding of user needs, mindsets, and experiences to develop services that will actually add meaning and value in the real world.

Thanks to the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the gallery space, real-world user insights and experiences, a variety of collaborative creative exercises, and lots of coffee, we left the workshop full of new insights and ideas!

11 February 2014